Equinox - Royalties Processing System for original publishers and sub-publishers

Equinox is a powerful CWR royalties processing system for the music industry, supporting everyday operation for original publishers and sub-publishers. Its 15 years old and have reached version 8.3.

Equinox's user-friendly interface and high level of automation turn complex tasks to a breeze. Coupled with the system's efficient processing engine and proven robustness Equinox is a sound solution for the headache of royalties processing for the music industry.

Some of its features include:

  • Automatic generation of CWR registration files to Society (ies).
  • Process the response file generated by the Society (ies).
  • Automatic processing of Royalties files from Society and other sources .
  • Several Import Interfaces with different data structures (Tab Separated txt, CounterPoint Maestro formats), for importing customers catalogues.
  • Automatic Generation of Statements for customers with detail analysis in various popular formats (pdf, Ms Word, Ms Excell)
  • Statistics according to the customer needs
  • Automatic Generation of Royalties Electronic File (REF) to simplify the financial data import to other systems.
  • Advanced data matching - The system provides the facility to auto match imported data with data existing inside its database.
  • Unlimited Capacity - The system is limited only by the capacity of the hard disk where the database is installed.
  • Various installations - from a simple laptop to large enterprises.

Please note that Equinox can be customised/augmented to accept non-standard import interfaces. Furthermore, it is provided with an optional support package.

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