Attiki Odos

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Turn-key systems, Consultancy, Support-maintenance-upgrades

Background Information

Attiki Odos ( is the ring road of the greater metropolitan area of Athens. The significance of this motorway cannot be overstated. It has absorbed a large portion of the daily traffic of Attica’s basin, thereby reducing the acute traffic congestion in the city of Athens. Millions of people benefit every day from this unique and complex infrastructure project.

Attiki Odos is operated and maintained by Attikes Diadromes S.A., which consists of:


Attiki Odos is a 65km long closed toll motorway, which features 3 traffic lanes in each direction, 38 toll stations, 54 electronic- and 139 manual- toll collection lanes, totalling 193 toll lanes.

Case Study

EMPRISE undertook a series of projects associated with the toll systems of Attiki Odos. These projects are presented here as a single case study in the interest of clarity.

Our involvement was multi-level and varied. At the early phases EMPRISE facilitated the smooth transition from construction to operation of three of the motorway’s toll-stations. An interim, but otherwise fully featured, toll system was deployed in cooperation with AKTOR S.A. (ITTMS - Integrated Toll and Traffic Management Systems), which covered all the operational needs of the toll stations. The system served the stations for a period of two years after which the final solution (third party) was installed. Due to the rising popularity of the new at the time ring road, a card-type product was also introduced. The card allowed electronic payment and addressed the need of frequent road users for fast toll collection. Built into the system were functions which allowed the application of commercial strategies/policies.

EMPRISE was further commissioned to design and develop two additional systems. The first automated the electronic-toll-collection invoicing, thereby allowing the fast and accurate billing of the clients. The second system, an integrated client-server configuration, enabled the management and recording of traffic-events/incidences from a central site. This implementation was crucial for the fast and efficient response, of the relevant authorities, to accidents.

Considering that nearly 300,000 cars cross the toll stations of Attiki Odos on a daily basis, it is not surprising that toll systems of such size and complexity generate vast amounts of data at very high rates. EMPRISE’s technological capability and know-how were well tested in designing, developing and implementing an integrated toll- and traffic- data warehousing solution.

Clearly, this motorway is of paramount importance for the Attica region and so is the need to remain operational at all times. To ensure that the toll stations will remain operational even in the event of catastrophic central-site failure, a secondary disaster-recovery-site was designed and built by EMPRISE. The system’s successful implementation required to upgrade the software and hardware of the existing toll systems. All works were carried out with no interruption to the services provided to the public.

Ultimately EMPRISE organised and managed the IS&T department of the toll and traffic systems on a 24 hours a day - 7 days a week basis for 3 years. During this period we carried out the redesign and integration of the WAN fibre optics network and introduced integrated timing control in cooperation with AKTOR S.A. and SIEMENS S.A.

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