The world of Emprise

Vision & Strategy

"We develop, we evolve, we grow...we lead the way via innovation… we bring information technology back to the service of the client..." » Read more

Guiding Principles

EMPRISE operates under the guidance of a clear set of principles, which are observed in every single aspect of our relationships and activities... » Read more


Here you will find some key moments in Emprise's history. We start with the early years when computational power was limited and most systems operated in DOS environment... » Read more


The people who have entrusted our care... » Read more

Technology Expertise

EMPRISE’s expertise comprises of an impressive range of technologies, which span programming languages, web technologies, platforms, databases and some... » Read more

What we do

Whether we're building an enterprise portal, engineering a specialised application, integrating a toll system, or keeping businesses at the forefront of a fast paced technological... » Read more

Working with us...

Emprise’s initial consultation is free of charge. Call or e-mail us to discuss your requirements. One of our engineers will take time to listen to your problem and will advice you... » Read more


It's your Right!

Royalties processing system for the music publishing and sub-publishing industries. Read more...


A Concrete Solution...

Statistical analysis of concrete specimens for the construction industry. Find out more...