Musou Music Publishing - Business-to-Business Enterprise Web2.0 Portal

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Turn-key systems

Background Information

Musou Music Publishing Ltd is a leading music production company and music publisher in Greece featuring in excess of 40 music labels and over 130,000 music titles. Their operations cover music and production consulting, music licensing and sound design.

Case Study

The music industry faces great challenges in today’s internet dominated world. Companies are required to adopt their business models to cater for the digital market. Towards this end, Musou contracted EMPRISE for the development of a business-to-business Web 2.0 Portal for its music publishing operations. The portal allows production and advertising companies to obtain a formal license to use a song from Musou’s catalogue over the internet.

The portal which currently holds over 130,000 songs has been designed to be scalable and can accommodate any number of works, limited only by the storage capacity of the server’s hard disks. Using the basic search capability one can retrieve songs by label or genre, while the advanced search options include fields such as mood, title, artist, keywords and other options.

An important feature of the system is the administration interface which gives Musou total control of the portal.

Additional features include:

  • manipulation of metadata
  • massive uploading of songs through ID3 tags
  • state of the art system security
  • sleek design appropriate to the industry’s style and in harmony to the company’s colour scheme

The portal can be found here: »

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