Working with us...

Emprise’s initial consultation is free of charge. Call or e-mail us to discuss your requirements. One of our engineers will take time to listen to your problem and will advice you as to the best course of action. If we can help you and you are happy with our approach then we will arrange to meet you at your preferred location for a more thorough discussion. Alternatively, in straight forward cases, we could offer you our quotation immediately.

Once you have decided to work with us we will take extra time to understand your business and we will ensure that both parties are clear as to the project’s objectives and deliverables. Emprise will then seek the most cost-effective solution balanced against the specific business benefits you are trying to achieve.

For critical applications and if your business model relies on a 24-7 service we will incorporate in the design phase the requirement for minimal or no disruption to your services during system maintenance.

By entering in partnership with us you can feel assured that it is your aims that will be at the focus of our operations. Additionally, with a presence of over 20 years you are guaranteed to receive a robust solution which will be supported in the future.

While our project is in progress you will receive regular reports and be frequently updated on work progress. Your system will be ready on time and to specification and prior to its deployment we will consult with you on the best time to install it in order to cause minimum disruption to your operations. This could be outside working hours or during weekend(s). Thereafter, we will arrange to train your people (if required) and you will receive the full documentation of your system.

At the end of the project you will receive an optional support, maintenance and upgrades package.

If you would like to read case studies of some of our projects, please, visit the » Projects section. Alternatively, you could find out more about Emprise's » Services.


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