Integrated IT Solutions (turn-key systems)

This module brings together all of EMPRISE’s technological expertise, know-how and network to deliver to the client a complete integrated IT solution. These turn-key projects are particularly suited to large and complex applications with/without distributed characteristics (internet/intranet).

EMPRISE will carry out all the work and manage the entire life-cycle of the project on behalf of the client from project specification, concept design evaluation, final solution, liaising with the relevant authorities, equipment and materials selection, installation and system configuration, all the way to personnel training and final delivery.

Throughout the project the client is encouraged to be closely involved and is frequently updated with reports as to the project's status.

Case studies of turn-key systems, such as the integrated toll system of Polymylos, the royalties processing system Equinox and others can be found in the company’s » Projects portfolio.

If you would like to contacts us regarding an integrated IT solution, please, visit the » Contacts section.


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