Guiding Principles

EMPRISE operates under the guidance of a clear set of principles, which are observed in every single aspect of our relationships and activities. We believe that stable, long term growth comes only when people’s respect, for the things we do and the way we do them, grows. This is why at EMPRISE we take the view that...

"...our clients are not an opportunity; they are a commitment we make..."

This commitment is encapsulated and guaranteed by EMPRISE’s principles of professional conduct.

  • Always deliver on time and to specification.
  • Our systems should enable our clients; not restrict them.
  • The right solution is not the one that will just do the job; it is the one that will do the job well.
  • Build cost effective solutions balanced against the specific business benefits of the client.
  • Plan for simplicity and...
  • Never increase the complexity of a system beyond what is necessary.
  • Customer aftercare is not only a matter of principle; it is a matter of being proud of the things we do.


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