Warner/Chappell Greece - Royalties Processing System (Equinox)

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Turn-key systems

Background Information

Warner/Chappell Music is one of the world’s largest music publishers together with Universal Music, EMI and Sony BMG. It has offices in most countries and its yearly revenue exceeds $3 billion.

Warner/Chappell Greece Ltd is the music-publishing arm of the Warner/Chappell group in Greece. Warner/Chappell Greece manages over 350,000 music titles and registers many thousands of songs on a monthly basis.

Case Study

Warner/Chappel Greece invited EMPRISE to design and implement an integrated music-publishing administration system for automating its copyright management processes. The system was intended to supersede Warner’s existing solution and to expand on its current capabilities. The ultimate aim of this challenging project was to provide a high level of copyright-management automation which would allow Warner/Chappel Greece to focus its resources on profit-generating activities rather than repetitive and cumbersome tasks.

Emprises engineers/consultants spent a lot of time with Warner’s people to ensure that the complex process of music registration and royalties processing was well understood. Additionally, the end users of the system were extensively consulted to guarantee that all the desired features would be incorporated in the application. Putting the client at the centre of the design phase enabled the identification of crucial value adding capabilities. Some of the features which were given top priority included:

  • Compatibility with third party royalty processing applications (notably MAESTRO)
  • Mass scale registration of music titles
  • Advanced royalty statements both in electronic and printed format
  • Royalty statements generated by a variety of criteria such as income type, publisher, client, work, e.t.c.
  • Migration from the key-stroke/combination user interface model to a mouse-focused one
  • Accessibility of information (all financial information is only a few clicks away)

Composing and orchestrating the appropriate level of resources and skill, and relying on EMPRISE’s long experience, it was possible to build an application which delivered measurable business-specific benefits. A year after installing the application and training its end users, Warner/Chappell Greece kindly reported back the following figures:

  • A typical catalogue which would have taken a week to register could be consistently completed in 5 minutes!
  • The volume of music titles registered per month was raised from 800 to 6000, nearly an 8 fold increase!
  • The income of Warner/Chappell Greece was substantially increased!

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