Olympia Odos (Motorway) - Network Integration

Service Type:

Turn-key systems

Background Information

Olympia Odos is a major motorway in the Peloponnese region effectively linking southern Greece to the rest of Europe. It runs along the route Eleusina, Korinthos, Patra and continues towards Kalamata up to the Tsakona region. It is 365km long and follows high technical standards. The consortium formed to built the motorway is Olympia Joint Venture and consists of:

  • VINCI S.A.
  • J&P-ΑΒΑΞ Α.Ε.
  • ΑΚΤΩΡ Α.Ε.

Case Study

EMPRISE performed the network integration of the headquarters of Olympia Joint Venture at the area of Xylokastro. The site, capable of housing 152 clients, is supported by three purpose-dedicated, state-of-the-art, rack mounted servers. The project covered the installation and configuration of the central system’s hardware and software components, as well as the configuration of layer-2 and layer-3 base networking.

Failure analysis was performed at the site to ensure the protection of the hardware and to guarantee the integrity and security of the data under various scenarios. Within the context of data security, virtual private network (VPN) connections were setup which allow for the safe communication between the site at Xylokastro and other national and international locations. Data integrity was ensured via a comprehensive multi-tier back-up network.

Crucial to the timely delivery of this project was the coordination with a large number of authorities and stakeholders. Effective work-progress was guaranteed by excellent project planning and strict deadline keeping. Amongst the success stories of this project is that the site was fully operational prior to the arrival of crucial third party equipment, which allowed for work at the site to commence at least three weeks earlier than anticipated. Thereafter, essential maintenance was carried out over successive weekends to ensure that there would be no interruption to the site’s activities.

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