Egnatia Odos (Motorway) - Integrated Toll Systems

Service Type:

Turn-key systems

Background Information

Egnatia Odos is one of the main motorways in northern Greece and has paramount importance for the sectors of transportation, industry and tourism. It crosses the regions of Epirus, Macedonia and Thrace thereby forming a link between the east and west. The significance of this project has been recognized by the European Union (

Case Study

EMPRISE was subcontracted by J&P AVAX to carry out the design, implementation, and installation of the integrated toll-system at Polymylos' toll-station. Our extensive experience in implementating, operating and maintaining related systems guaranteed the reliability, stability, autonomy and expansibility of the proposed and applied solution. The toll-station at Polymylos was one of the first two stations to be completed and delivered in fully functional state to Egnatia Odos as reported by the » municipality of Kozanh.

The system, codenamed NOSTROMOS, consisted of a large number of technologically disparate components such as lane controllers, toll station servers, back-office system, databases, traffic barriers, lane state light indicators, system monitoring, light path indicators (for fault finding), LAN, receipt printing units to name but a few. Special attention was paid to the system’s security, as well as reliability and ease of maintenance. The design ensured that key components can be replaced under full load conditions, thereby allowing the continuous operation of the toll station even during maintenance.

As determined by the project specification the Polymylos’ station operates under manual toll collection. However, the solution implemented allows for the expansion of the system, with minimal modifications, to support alternative forms of payment, communication with other toll stations and databases, automatic vehicle classification, variable message signs and many more value-adding capabilities.

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