A Look into our past

Here you will find some key moments in Emprise's history. We start with the early years when computational power was limited and most systems operated in DOS environment. Then we move on to the decade that our company entered the world of large scale integration to become one of the leading integrated-systems companies in Greece.

1987 - Thalis

Emprise's first system, Thalis, is developed to assist in the auditing of a construction project at the Mpogiatiou military base. Thalis, which at the time operates in DOS environment, automates the statistical analysis of concrete specimens.

1988 - Skyra

Implementation of the system Skyra. It is a breakthrough solution for the management of warehouses of concrete materials. Despite operating in DOS it features a graphical analysis interface!

1989 - Ofthalmos

Ofthalmos (meaning "eye" in greek) is deployed. Ofthalmos is the first patient eye-care system in Greece.

1991 - BASTAT

BASTAT standing for basketball statistics is designed and built on behalf of a sports magazine. BASTAT was a multiuser-platform operating in a DOS environment.

1998 - Attiki Odos

A turning year. Having mastered the art of integrating software-based systems for the past decade our company emerges to undertake multiple contracts related to the toll stations of Attiki Odos (ring road of Athens). The systems integrated involve both hardware and software at an unprecedented scale and complexity.

2005 - Emprise

This is literally our year. Having traded under the name of its general manager the company is renamed Emprise to reflect the ethos and philosophy of the company. Emprise, meaning "adventurous undertaking" encapsulates our attitude of treating challenge as a resource to come up with imaginative solutions.

2005 - Egnatia Odos

Emprise designs and implements the toll system at Polymylos.

2006 - Equinox

Warner/Chappell Greece, the publishing arm of Warner/Chappell one of the world's largest music publishers, commissions the development of the royalties processing system Equinox. The system increases the company's yearly income and accelerates the music registration many times!


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